Politico: Can We Talk?

Politico examines civil discourse after the first presidential debate and cites data from the Dialogue Project.

FT: CEOs Wrestle with Political Polarization

Most people believe it has become more difficult to have respectful dialogue with individuals who hold differing views, the FT writes, and it profiles the Dialogue Project.

HBR: Don’t Let Election Passions Roil Your Workplace

Bob Feldman offers research-based advice on how to help employees engage in productive discourse this election season.

Fortune: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says “listen with open ears and an open heart.”

“Companies with cultures that celebrate diverse opinions and encourage the exchange of ideas have an advantage when solving difficult problems,” says McMillon. “A company that doesn’t is at a clear disadvantage.”

CEO Daily: Fortune’s Alan Murray cites the Dialogue Project and links to Doug McMillon.

Alan Murray is a big advocate of stakeholder capitalism and references the need for “honest, open conversations” to strengthen our communities and our nation.

Quartz at Work: A Compelling Personal Perspective by Margita Thompson

“I am often asked to speak at conferences on gender and diversity, where I usually introduce myself as a Latina Republican from Los Angeles who works in the oil and gas business,” says Thompson.  “I also note that I’m an only child—a good thing because I am used to being alone.”

PR Week: “The Dialogue Project Draws a Map Back to Civility”

Morning Consult data is highlighted here to underscore the severity of our polarization crisis, and then PR Week offers up examples of how businesses are taking steps to help solve the problem.

The PR Week: 9.11.20: Bob Feldman, ICF Next

The Dialogue Project founder and ICF Next vice chair Bob Feldman discusses the importance of civic discourse, as well as the latest industry news.

Cheddar: Creating Productive Dialogue With Co-workers After the Election

Bob Feldman does a live interview with Cheddar TV anchor Hena Doba and offers tips for business leaders seeking to manage their corporate culture while acknowledging an election season that reflected  a divided nation.

Health Evolution: How CEOs can address political tension in the workplace

This important story discusses the growing frequency of political discourse in the workplace and the risks associated with that trend. The Dialogue Project is one of several important sources of information and the article offers important tips for CEOs.