The Dialogue Divide Research Report

Is the inability to have civil conversations with others who hold differing views a global phenomenon?

The purpose of The Dialogue Project Research Report is to determine whether the dialogue divide, or the inability for people to have civil conversations with others who disagree with them, is a global phenomenon.

With the help of Morning Consult, we conducted a global survey of 5,000 adults in July 2020 in five countries: Brazil, Germany, India, the U.K., and the U.S.

The Dialogue Project Research Report dives into the results of the survey. We investigated the severity of the problem, the topics that are most difficult for people to address in conversations, how comfortable people are in having those conversations, the sources responsible for the difficulty in finding common ground, and how well people believe they are actually doing to bridge the gap. We also investigated whether more current events, such as COVID-19 and the protests following the murder of George Floyd, had an impact of people’s ability to close the dialogue divide. Finally, respondents identified and rated solutions to help close the gap and increase our ability to have more civil conversations.

Some Key Findings Include: