From Bob Feldman
Vice Chair, ICF Next
Director, The Dialogue Project

Some terrific companies stepped up early to be sponsors of the Dialogue Project. Their logos are below and their support made much of our work possible.  I owe them a great deal of thanks.

Still, The Dialogue Project was largely a voluntary effort and many people contributed to its success. Their recognition here is well-earned.  First, Julian Vasquez, my colleague at ICF Next, who has been an essential partner on this project every step of the way.  Tina McCorkindale, CEO of the Institute for Public Relations, embraced the importance of this effort from the beginning, agreed for IPR to be a title sponsor, and contributed her deep research expertise to add great insight into our work. Fred Cook, chairman of Golin and head of the Center for Public Relations at USC-Annenberg, has been a great friend, supporter and advocate for the Dialogue Project.  Much of Fred’s work at USC is aligned with the goals of this effort: to improve discourse, reduce polarization and to live in a more civil, productive society. John Santoro, a former senior communications executive at Pfizer, now retired, saw me give a presentation months ago about the Dialogue Project and quickly offered his services pro bono.  I was smart enough to take him up on that offer and John became our project’s managing editor, an incredibly important role.  

Other colleagues who made meaningful contributions to the Dialogue Project include: Roger Bolton, Dan Strouhal, Eliot Mizrachi and their colleagues at the Page Society; Joe Evangelisti and Andrew Gray at JP Morgan Chase; Craig Bucholz and Stephanie Rice at General Motors; Rebecca Cisek at Johnson & Johnson; Linda Rutherford and Chris Mainz at Southwest Airlines; Tina Vennegaard, Ron Antonette and Kamy Akhavan at USC; Martha Boudreau at AARP; Corey DuBrowa at Google; Carrie Kurlander at Chick-fil-A; John Elicker (retired) and John Damonti at Bristol Myers Squibb; Dana Bolden at Corteva; Michelle Russo at the US Chamber of Commerce; Brian Besanceney and Dwayne Lawler at Walmart; Robin Gray at Southern Company; Jennifer Temple, Katherine Ducker, Kara Sakuda and Lindsey Berryhill at Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Stacy Sharpe at Allstate; Kent Robertson and his colleagues at Chevron; Steffen Luders and Anders Schroll in Denmark for their help with both Danish cases; Jill Totenberg at The Totenberg Group; Rachel Ashley-Lovelace; Michael Ramlet, Kyle Dropp, Chris Doty, Olivia Petersen, Jeff Cartwright and their colleagues at Morning Consult; Elizabeth Allen, a dear friend and colleague who offered to join in and use her knowledge of academia (as the current chair of the Medill School‘s advisory board) to help us reach out to universities; Jane Randel and Robbie Karp, co-founders of their eponymous social impact firm, who led the development of our “Recommendations” section that offers ideas for businesses to take action, and my colleagues at ICF Next who each made contributions absolutely critical to the success of this project: Claire Furukawa, Becca Brown, Daniele Lanza, Melissa Struck, Ferro Boyd, Faryar Borhani, Brittany Paxman, Matt Mauer, Adam Monago, James Wilkins, Matt Ede, Xander Evangelidis, Matt Silverman, Miranda Wolf, Lacey Ehrlich, Taylor Tartt, Lauren Dyke, Jenny Garner. And finally, my brother Bill Feldman, whose work on this project began with drafting my speech for the Page conference back in September and who has continued to donate time and energy to support this important endeavor. Our parents would be proud of our collaboration.